Manufacturers, retailers, and designers all have the responsibility to make sure their products are safe and ready to use for consumers. Product liability cases may include defective or poorly designed machinery, tools, recreational products, pharmaceuticals, and much more. If you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product you may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

The maker of a product owes a duty of care to users of the product, and when the manufacturer breaches that duty by producing a faulty product, the maker is liable for the injuries caused by use of the product. Product liability refers to an area of law devoted to protecting people from unsafe and defective products that cause injury or death through no misuse of the product.

Types of Defects

Defective products are often the result of either design or manufacturing defects. A faulty design makes the product inherently unsafe to all potential users of the product. A manufacturing defect could be the result of a problem on the assembly line or with the materials used, or some error anywhere along the production line.

Failure to Warn

Another way in which a product may be considered defective is if it contains incomplete or inadequate warnings. When products require special precautions to be used safely, the manufacturer has a duty to provide clear warnings or instructions that are easily noticed and understood by the consumer. When a product is made or sold without adequate warnings, it is a defective product, and the makers, distributors, or retailers are liable for any injuries it may cause.

Common Product Liability Claims

With years of experience and access to detailed information from many different fields, we can handle a variety of product liability claims, including:

  • Automobile crash worthiness litigation
  • Farm equipment injuries
  • Industrial manufacturing and conveying equipment
  • Power tool accidents
  • Electrical shocks
  • Gas explosions
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Aviation Accidents

If you have been injured while using a product, you may be entitled to recover money for lost earnings, medical bills, and pain and suffering by filing a defective product lawsuit. Our dangerous product attorneys will provide a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your accident and injuries. We handle all defective product lawsuit cases on the contingency that if you don’t recover money in a settlement or jury award, you do not pay attorney’s fees. We will fully investigate your accident, and whether other people have suffered injuries using the same product. In some cases, you may be included in a significant group action or class action lawsuit, filed on behalf of other injured people joining the suit.

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